Explore real-time collaboration.  Evaluate for 30 days.
System Requirements
Minimum requirements
Pentium processor
Windows 2003/XP/Vista
512 MB RAM
100 MB free hard disk space


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Download and install Visual Mind Server
The Visual Mind Server allows multiple users to work together on the same Visual Mind map in real time. For more information about the Visual Mind server, please visit click here.

The download and installation of the Visual Mind server is a three-step process:

1. Select the computer to install on
This may be any computer that meets the general system requirements to the left. One PC may run both the server and a Visual Mind client. If high server load is expected, however, we advise a separate computer.

2. Download the install file
Click the download button below to download the installation file.

3. Install the server
Start the file you downloaded in step 2. The server is immediately ready-to-use after install.

When the server is installed, you can start sharing maps by registering the server in the Visual Mind clients. For more information on how to do that, please see the Visual Mind Server Installation Guide.

When the trial period of 30 days has expired, you need to register your copy on the Visual Mind order page to continue to fully use the Visual Mind Server.