Mind2Chart is a powerful and easy-to-use project planning add-in that enables you to manage projects using Visual Mind. Everything you need is right at hand and the add-in is so quick and intuitive that you will focus on your tasks, not the process or tool.

Mind2Chart allow you to take advantage of 3 powerful techniques:

  • Mind Mapping
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Gantt charting

for Visual Mind converts your Visual Mind map into a Project Plan in just a couple of clicks.

  • Mark branches of your project scope as tasks – and you will get a grouped structure of tasks.
  • Establish dependencies between them: define when tasks should start and/or finish dependently on others.
  • Make project schedule – set key dates, observe duration, estimate time. Specify holidays and working schedule.
  • Everything is visualized with Gantt chart view.
  • Allocate resources; see the obtained project duration and key dates caused by the current resource allocation and loading. Take into account personal schedules.
  • Optimize your Project Schedule according to resources costs and schedules.
  • Set completeness percents, monitor project implementation.
  • Share the information with your team and customers.
  • Create reports with only a click – to overview a project and report to the stakeholders.

What more do you get?

  • Two-way instant synchronization with the Visual Mind map
  • Reports, Gantt chart, Schedule – in printable form
  • Customizable Master Schedule as well as personal Resource Schedules
  • Total Cost Report as the base for invoices
  • Plus a lot more …

Download free trial:
Mind2Chart is available for Visual Mind 11 and later. To download a free trial, click here.

How to order:
Mind2Chart is available at 79US$. To order your copy, please visit the order page.